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1947 Farmall Tractor Cub Ser # 525 25th Made
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Mc Cormick Tractor W-4 All New Tires
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Farmall B Tractor For Sale
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Farmall Super C
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1948 FARMALL SUPER A Industrial **SOLD**
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1930's CASE One Bottom Plow ~Antique
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Farmall Cub & A Parts For Sale
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1940 Farmall Tractor AAV
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Farmall Cub Tractor ~All New Tires
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Farmall Super A Demonstrator CALL FOR PRICE!
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Farmall Tractor Super A For Sale
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Farmall Tractor Super A For Sale ~Great Runner
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Farmall Cub Tractor ~GREAT Runner!!
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Farmall H Tractor For Sale ~1940 ~Great Runner!

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Welcome to Larry's Farmall Tractors

I have tractors for sale that have been completely restored, or I will restore for you. I am always looking to buy tractors and parts as well.

Many more tractors and parts for sale coming soon. Don't hesitate to call if you are looking for something or have questions. Thank you!

Questions, call Larry @ 503-559-4595

The tractor below has SOLD~ Stay tuned, lots of beauties to come soon!!!

SUPER C Farmall Tractor ~ New Tires ~One Owner $3,750.00

Call Larry with questions 503-559-4595

We gladly accept credit & debit cards.

We gladly accept credit & debit cards.

History of the Farmall Tractor

The Farmall tractor was a dependable mainstay on American farms throughout the middle of the 20th century. Although Farmalls are no longer produced, fans of antique and vintage tractors have preserved numerous examples of Farmall tractor models in all their glory, and these tractors can be seen at parades, agricultural events, and tractor shows, usually with proud owners who are happy to take people for a spin around the block.

These tractors were developed by the International Harvest Company, a manufacturer of agricultural products which emerged in 1902 as the result of a merge of several companies. The company's first foray into the world of tractors occurred in response to early tractors produced by several rivals, including the John Deere Company and the Ford Motor Company. International Harvester's Farmall, later renamed the Farmall Regular, was released in 1924 and it proved to be a big hit.

The company was initially hesitant about the outlook for the Farmall tractor, fearing that it wouldn't be a big success. Earlier attempts at breaking into the tractor market had been expensive and troublesome, and while the Farmall design was innovative, the company feared that it wouldn't be readily adopted. As a result, Farmalls were first released in Texas only, with production later expanding in 1926 as demand for the new design's popularity exploded.

These tractors became so famous that International Harvester adopted “Farmall” to refer to its entire tractor line, capitalizing on brand recognition. The design was innovative because it allowed people to use the tractor with row crops, mechanizing processes which had formerly been done by hand or with a plow. This all purpose tractor quickly expanded into a line of tractors for various applications known as the “Letter Series” and released in 1939. From the A to the MD, the Farmall tractor letter series had a tractor for everyone, with a focus on small farms and affordability.

In 1952, the Letter Series turned into the Super Series, morphing again into the Number Series in 1955. By 1973, International Harvester had dropped the Farmall name, although Farmall tractor nameplates were affixed to some 1974 and 1975 tractors. In 1985, the company dropped its agricultural division altogether as part of a reorganizing effort, and in 1986, International Harvester was renamed the Navistar International Corporation, consigning the Farmall and International Harvester to the history books.

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